Sunday, July 03, 2005

mama, these are my favorite worms.

So far, since we've been back from our Texas trip, we've found 3 baby bunnies, 2 frogs (toads?), and 4 huge, juicy earthworms. These were Cody's favorite worms. "Mama, these are my favorite worms." Actually there are many, many worms beneath the surface of our garden, but these four are by far the healthiest. Can you believe we didn't name them?

And one more garden note: My garden is pitiful, but looking better. The weeds are still looking like they are winning, but they are not. Today Doug came out and weeded it with me. He said that most people would view it as a lost cause and plow it under. But he loves me and he knows how important my "garden rescue" is to me, so he helped.

Pulling weeds. And more weeds.

Locating the surviving vegetable plants and carefully working around them.

Killing bugs.

And gently covering up those baby bunnies who are living in a nest in my gladiolas. I have a fence to keep rabbits OUT of my garden. And a sweet little nest made of rabbit fur and carefully chosen pieces of other fluff inside my garden that houses three little baby rabbits...and I am assuming a mama rabbit as well.

Why does it make feel so good to know that the mama feels that her babies are safe there? I love that she chose my garden.

It feels very sweet.

He tends his flock like a shepherd:
He gathers the lambs in his arms
and carries them close to his heart;
he gently leads those that have young.
Isaiah 40:11


kellicrowe said...

Cody is so sweet to pick out favorite worms. No names yet? Shadrack, Meshack and Abendigo and ....Bob. Ok, Bob isn't Biblical. I think it says a lot about YOU that the fence to keep the bunnies out now probably provides some protection for them. And I think you'd keep that garden up just for them.

Mar said...

Wonderful about the garden bunnies. Are you going to make a secondary cage to keep them in their nest and out of your plants. By the way, what are their names. Mar

khuddle said...

Joshua would love the bunnies. HE would ask a billion questions about them, but he would love them..

kellicrowe said...

so I click on the eyes to see the really great and totally non cartoonie pic of you...tiny. Under it - it says "click to see full size" or larger view...or somthing that implies I can enlarge the pic. I clicked. It is just the tiny pic on a larger black background. Same size. Why does this crack me up? Toally does.
I need to start picturing you as a real person. this will help me to recognize you at the airport.

Suzanne B. said...

This made me cry, about the mama bunny picking your garden.

You are such a sweet writer.

Ashley said...

Love the wormies. How cute.

What kind of flowers do you have in your garden? Guess the bunny family means no lettuce for you! LOL. Unless you are really, REALLY nice and want to provide snacks for the bunnies, along with a safe home :)

Beautifully written post!