Saturday, April 30, 2005


I have been noticing as I have been sewing beautiful, delightful, oh-so-yummy Chatterbox scraps onto a circle journal entry (yep, slowly but surely getting them done...) that my brain and my foot are not quite in sync with one another. I am sewing - in bright green, so mistakes are pretty obvious - and when I get to the end, my brain says politely to my foot, "Foot, please stop pushing the pedal. We are done sewing here." And like my 6-year-old daughter, my slightly rebellious foot obeys, but not immediately. So we get extra stitches where no stitches should be. I need to work on this. And if my foot starts the eye-rolling, oh-so-slight stomping, or the little grouchy I-don't-really-want-to-do-this comments, I'm really going to be worried.

And then I thought, brain isn't really very in sync with a lot of me. Is this old age? I'm 37. Is it overwhelmedom? I do have 4 kids competing for my attention almost 24 hours a day. Is it distraction? When I walk from the kitchen to the garage for something-but-now-I-don't-remember-what so-now-I-have-to-go-back-and-retrace-my-steps-to-figure-it-out I am usually planning a scrapbook page or making a grocery list in my head while giving a spelling test and correcting someone because they are using an outdoor voice indoors or whatever. Okay, I think I have answered my own question. I *am* distracted. It's a good thing my brain can be completely distracted and still make my heart pump blood, and my lungs do whatever they do or I'd be in serious trouble. God is good, isn't he?

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Psalm 150:6

Thursday, April 28, 2005

random musing on the great letter "e"

I had this awesome idea this morning while I was spooning Yo Baby yogurt and rice cereal with applesauce into a waiting hungry Corey mouth. Maybe all my good ideas don't have to come in the shower, after all...

Wouldn't it be cool to have a scrapbooking buddy who for some reason did all of her titles and journaling in a strange language that did not include the letter "e"? So of course she would hand all of those "e" stickers, "e" rub-ons, "e" chipboard letters, and "e" stencils directly over to me...maybe her language would also exclude the letters "a" and "s"...hmm, now I'm dreaming.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

We need more of these.

National Take Your Kids To Work Day. Or something like that - it's TODAY. April 27. My sweet hubby took everyone who's not nursing to work with him today. You can't believe the quiet in my house. On an ordinary day, I'd have been interrupted at least twice before typing this much. When I am interrupted, I just completely forget what I was trying to say. It's usually gone, forgotten, never shared. ("How important could it have been," you ask, "if it was forgotten that easily?" Honestly, I could not, would not answer that. Let's just not go there.) So, anyway, I have a baby here - sleeping at the moment - and the luxurious silence is like a massage to my ears, sweet, soothing, pampering silence. I don't want it forever, but it sure feels amazing at the moment. All things in moderation, you might say.

"So, we are wondering," you say, "what will you do with your almost-but-not-quite-alone time?"

I am glad you asked.

1. I will do a blog entry.
2. Eat lunch - leftover Chick Noodly Soup minus carrots with a PB&J sandwich.
3. Finish the Circle Journal entries I have started. (Did I hear a cheer from somewhere out there in scrappy cyberspace?)
4. Plan for the six upcoming classes I am teaching at my LSS.
5. I might pull some weeds.
6. I might pack a box or two.
7. I will not fold clothes.
8. Oh, I will pack my layout to send to FRED at CK. (Fave thing on this list.)
9. Pea a little.
10.Sit and think.
11.Play with Corey.
Are you still reading this? Well, bless you. (I lifted that from K.C.)

Off to be alone (almost) in my house. I promise you that by the time my sweet family returns, I will have missed them....a lot.

But we should have more of these.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Blog Practice - Yes, I agree a different picture would be nice

Yep, that picture stinks, I am aware.

I took it myself, does that count for anything?

The problem is, I am a cartoon, and photos of me just don't turn out all that great.

Actually, I took that picture for a self-portrait challenge and I guess I had the camera zoomed in a bit much.

I'll work on it.

Gardening. Inside and Out.

Outside first:
Honestly, the garden's been "in" (out there) for 10 days, and it's been 10 days since I checked on it. I tend to over-watch germinating seeds, wanting them to grow up too quickly, so this time I am giving them some space.

Inside gardening:
This morning I found bag of carrots (it said so on the bag) in the veggie drawer that had sprouted. It had sprouted black, moldy, shriveled tips; new branches; long, hairy roots and many varieties of bacteria (I am sure). I remember buying that bag of carrots, so it couldn't have been THAT long ago. Needless to say, we ate them for lunch.

Okay, we didn't eat them for lunch, but my Chick Noodly Soup was seriously lacking in carrots as a result.

Let's see if this silly blog thingie works this time...