Wednesday, April 27, 2005

We need more of these.

National Take Your Kids To Work Day. Or something like that - it's TODAY. April 27. My sweet hubby took everyone who's not nursing to work with him today. You can't believe the quiet in my house. On an ordinary day, I'd have been interrupted at least twice before typing this much. When I am interrupted, I just completely forget what I was trying to say. It's usually gone, forgotten, never shared. ("How important could it have been," you ask, "if it was forgotten that easily?" Honestly, I could not, would not answer that. Let's just not go there.) So, anyway, I have a baby here - sleeping at the moment - and the luxurious silence is like a massage to my ears, sweet, soothing, pampering silence. I don't want it forever, but it sure feels amazing at the moment. All things in moderation, you might say.

"So, we are wondering," you say, "what will you do with your almost-but-not-quite-alone time?"

I am glad you asked.

1. I will do a blog entry.
2. Eat lunch - leftover Chick Noodly Soup minus carrots with a PB&J sandwich.
3. Finish the Circle Journal entries I have started. (Did I hear a cheer from somewhere out there in scrappy cyberspace?)
4. Plan for the six upcoming classes I am teaching at my LSS.
5. I might pull some weeds.
6. I might pack a box or two.
7. I will not fold clothes.
8. Oh, I will pack my layout to send to FRED at CK. (Fave thing on this list.)
9. Pea a little.
10.Sit and think.
11.Play with Corey.
Are you still reading this? Well, bless you. (I lifted that from K.C.)

Off to be alone (almost) in my house. I promise you that by the time my sweet family returns, I will have missed them....a lot.

But we should have more of these.


kellicrowe said...

Take your kids to wrok day was yest?? Man! I need to explain this ti JD - he brought his work home to his kids:) The picture gets me every single time. I know it is coming...and still! kellicrowe

kellicrowe said...

Isn't interesting that National Take Your Kids to Work Day is the same as Administrative Assistants Week/Day? Hmmmm. k

khuddle said...

I bet you just love the quiet. I know that you enjoy the ruckus, but the quiet can renew you.