Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Do you ever do this?

Do you ever shake up the bottle of orange juice and then open it and then have to do something else and then come back in a few minutes and FORGET that you have already shaken the bottle of orange juice AND opened it (although you DO have this tiny red-flag feeling that you can't quite put your finger on but you ignore it, big mistake) so you pick it up thinking "I am so glad I have a brand new bottle of Orange Juice. I love orange juice in the morning" and you shake it and orange juice goes flying everywhere because the lid was on there but open?

Yes. This morning. I did that. It did make a mess. I handled it well. I was so proud of that.

Oh, and then do you ever do this?

Do you ever take a shower at night and go to bed with wet hair and wake up looking like Moses coming off the mountain (thanks, Kelli) and think "who cares? I'm not going anywhere" and then your sweet husband calls and says he's going to be late and can you meet him at the mall to take the girls to ballet and so then you go to town looking like a homeless person?

I really need more self discipline. I need to make myself look presentable in the morning even if no one but my kids are going to see me all day.

No picture today. Sorry.

Make sure you got clean underwear, she always said, in case you get in an accident & I always figured that'd be the least of my worries, but now I'm older & I see there's a lot you can't control & some you can control & clean underwear is one of those you can. For the most part.
B. Andreas


khuddle said...

I am always doing things like that. Always I say! Now, I feel a little more normal!

kellicrowe said...

i looked homeless and unkept at the burger king playground today
kids - in the car quick - daddy is on his way home to return the rental truck
you don't need your shoes and stuff
just in the car and back
then i forget all that
sure - let's eat an early lunch at bk on the way home
i was actually able to scrounge up almost the outfits and shirts my boys needed out of the random stuff on the floor if the van.
ok - so that is a new level of ick
but so with you on the wet hair to bed thing:)
ps - proud of you for handeling the oj thing well
no since crying over spewed juice

tifsmith said...

you are so funny. it is so nice to find someone that can laugh at the "real life" that we are all living. i do "moses hair" way to often. and it always seems like those are the days that i have to go somewhere too. thank you for being someone that can tell it like it is.

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Joe said...

Looks good ! I wll be back



EveyQ said...

only on the days I wish I could press rewind on...

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Jennifer Stewart said...

I laughed OUT LOUD at your "Moses" comment. Mostly because I do that a LOT. Wet hair to bed. I love reading your blog! :)


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