Saturday, July 11, 2009

finish it friday.

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Here's a card I made recently because every post needs a photo:

[Patterned Paper, Wild Card - October Afternoon, Chipboard - Maya Road, Corner Punch - Fiskars, Cardstock - Prism (Intense Pink)]

My friend Dayna told me I had to do this. I'm scared of her, so I did it, no questions asked.

Actually, I got tingles of excitement, expectation, and plain old organizational happy thoughts as soon as I started reading. I love lists and I love organizing and I love being motivated.

Why is it that I have to be motivated to do things I love to do?

Anywhoo, I made my list of things that I have recently left hanging. I also added some things that have the obvious potential to be procrastinated. And I've crossed off a few things!

Here's my list:
Finish It Friday

1. Hang other dry erase board.
2. Remove small pile of things that need to be put away in MBR.
3. Finish MBR closet clean-out.
4. Purge old scrap collections.
5. Landfill management (garage).
6. Report publications.
7. Move frames from LR to entry.
8. Ebay Feedback
9. Pay bills
10. Curriculum from Alice
11. Co-op Writing Class requirements email
12. Make school books list for 2009-2010
13. Supervise cleaning boys room (delegate)
14. Finish mowing backyard (delegate)
15. RETURN COAT RACKS - put in suburban on Sunday (delegate)
16. Move photos from memory card to hard drive
17. Back up hard drive photos
18. Submit Card
19. Bank Deposit
20. Set date for birthday party
21. CPS card

I only had to complete one thing to not get beat up by my friend complete the requirement, but it's so fun to get things done!

The one thing that is bugging me is the "hang other dry erase board." It's a 5-minute task - at most! Why does this have to go on a list?? I don't know, but I still haven't done it.

A couple of random things before I go...
1. My neighbors had a garage sale this morning. You WOULD NOT BELIEVE what someone did right out in the street some time during the morning! A person, not a pet, did this. Blech.
2. The heat is making me crazy. Crazy, I tell you.
3. We are in "birthday week" here at the Kingman house. Cody's was Wednesday. Mine is Sunday. Corey's is next Wednesday. Cake, anyone?
4. I am working on my insomnia issues. Any suggestions?

{Finally, brothers, good-by. Aim for perfection, listen to my appeal, be of one mind, live in peace. And the God of love and peace will be with you. 2 Corinthians 13:11}


BabyBokChoy said...

Hey, happy birthday is in order right? is it tomorrow? the big 31???

{{shan}} said...

Do you have good sleep hygeine? You know, dark, cool, quiet room? Do you go to sleep and wake up at the same time each day? Do you ONLY sleep in your bed? (No reading, computer, or tv watching.) If you don't do all that, try changing your habits and see if that helps at all.

Happy Birthday, sweet friend. :)

alice said...

#4. Come walk/run with us m-w-f and then DON'T take a nap. Makes me sleep like a rock! :-)

Happy Birthday!!!

Lea L. said...

This is so cute Stacey!! Love it!


Stacy said...

Hope you had a great Happy Birthday!
Stacy R. from Katy

Gina said...

Thanks for the link! This statement spoke volumes to me. "Incomplete tasks are mind clutter and these lingering to-dos nag at you." I think I'll incorporate "finish it Friday." =P Hope everyone has/had a great birthday. :)