Saturday, July 25, 2009

last week's email.

I sent this email to a few of my close homeschool-mom friends last week. They understand. The email:

I have to share this.

Today I've been working on my "need to buy" list for the upcoming school year.

It's a spreadsheet.

It's not a huge list, but it's a lot of $$.

I was so excited this evening because I was working on my "landfill management" (a.k.a. digging through the huge pile in my garage).

I found all of my Abeka 7th grade stuff.

So I pulled it all out and hauled it into the living room and dropped it on the floor by my sweet Jolie.

And I'm so excited and smiling and happy.

And excited.

And she's looking at me strangely.

I say, "Here's your school stuff for next year!"

I say, "I just need to order workbooks!"

Did I mention I'm excited?

She looks through it and doesn't look excited with me.

I say, "What?"

She says, "I'm not going into the 7th grade."



365 days from now, we're good.

(I'm hoping the Abeka 6th grade stuff is in a tub in the attic. I vaguely remember putting something like that up there.)

That was the email. Since then, after some searching, I've been informed that 6th grade was the year we tried Switched-on Schoolhouse.


I still have to buy all the Abeka 6th grade stuff.


Tami Mayberry said...

I soooo know what you mean! Been there done that.

tania said...

awwww, cripes! that bites! do you swap books with any other homeschooling moms? check craigslist? gone to the homeschool to buy at a reduced price?

jana dingmore said...

okay, i saw that you tried switched-on schoolhouse. what did you think of it? i'm homeschooling for the first time this year, so just checking...