Sunday, July 19, 2009

tiny recap and free stuff.

Do you love the October Afternoon Wild Cards? I think they are so cute! I made a card on my my last post with the Ducks in a Row Wild Cards... Anyway, go to the October Afternoon Blog RIGHT THIS MINUTE and leave a comment for a chance to win a package of those cutie Wild Cards!

I think I forgot to post who won the spot in Tania Willis's Cards: Beautifully Handmade class. Java Diva won (I did email her). I hope she enjoys the class - I know I am! It's not too late to register if you still want to jump in and take it.

We have finished a week of birthdays in our house, whew! Lots of cake, presents, smiles, doughnuts, flip-flops, and legos. I'm behind on everything, but I'll be caught up soon - just give me a day or two!

I have a big red blister on the inside of my wrist from hot oil I splashed on myself last night. It hurt like heck when I did it, but now it's fine unless I bump it or get hot water on it. The weird thing about it is that my dad had the same exact scar on his wrist in the same place - his was at least three times bigger than mine and it stayed there for years and years. I was about four when it happened, so it was 38 years ago. I don't know, it just made me feel connected to him in a strange way. I wish I could have showed him and talked about it.

My world is a mess, but I did get that silly dry-erase board hung. We start school in a month. Where has the summer gone? I am so not ready. The beginning of the school year means order and neatness and new charts and clean closets...something about homeschooling makes me feel like I need to have every little thing in order when we start back again... My Finish It Friday list is looking pitifully unattended at the moment. Oh, well, there's always next Friday!

I've been working on the insomnia. A couple of things have helped. (A melatonin supplement did NOT help. It gave me a two-day-long headache.) I have turned the A/C down at night, decluttered my bedroom (it feels so peaceful), turned the lights down in the evening, and made the kids get to bed earlier so I get some quiet time before I feel like I am "supposed to" go to sleep. I have also tried to relax and not pressure myself so much about trying to fall asleep. Thinking about last night's inability to fall asleep really makes me tense when it's time to go to sleep the next night. I'm still struggling a little, but I'm trying to "go with it" rather than fight it, and I think this is helping a lot. I think keeping the lights down all over the house in the evening helps quite a bit. And the temperature of the house. Oh, and I read a little before bed, but not IN the bed. Thanks for the suggestions!

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{And He will be their peace. Micah 5:5}


Katy said...

I'm sorry to hear the insomnia is still bothering you.
A friend of mine said, when I was in the throes of "won't they ever sleep all night," that when your children sleep through the night you stop. :)

I find all the things you mentioned work, especially having that quiet time at night. I also sleep better when I have walked, tended my garden, or went swimming during the day. I hope it cools off soon so you can enjoy some time outside in the fresh air.

java diva said...

I am enjoying the class, thank you!!
That is so interesting about your burn and your dad. My friend has an interesting story about finding dimes after her dad passed. I don't remember the full story/connection, sorry.