Tuesday, May 24, 2005

cheerleader tryouts.

7th grade. Me and Mandy Peck. We were a team for cheerleader tryouts at George Junior High.

Our cheer, "Faaaaaan-tas-tic, That's right! Our team is Dy-no-MITE! Fannnnnnn-tas-tic, that's right!" Stupid cheer. I can't believe I can still remember it. I think the humiliation of that whole experience burned the words of that cheer into my brain. The humiliation being that I did a cartwheel and my shirt wasn't quite tucked in......you'd think that would have gotten me a few more votes.

I didn't make it and I am not SURE, but I don't think Mandy did either. She WAS voted Most Beautiful every single school year up until Senior year, though.

My efforts at entering these scrapbooking contests....not EXACTLY the same, but it does stir up memories of cheerleader tryouts.

I'll keep my shirt tucked in.


khuddle said...

Oh Stace, it is funny how memories will come flooding back when you are in a similar situation.

When entering contest or waiting to see if you will be published I can see how it would feel like a tryout.

At any rate, I always am amazed by your creations. I can sit in awe and wish I could do that as well.

kellicrowe said...

You can do a CARTWHEEL too???!

Tiffany Renea said...

Hmmmm that was some food for thought, totally thinking about HS and how those days filter into my everyday life now.