Saturday, May 14, 2005

lazy saturday stats

number of people at my house still in pj's at 1:45 in the afternoon: 1 (me)

number of people doing ballet in the yard getting sunburned because they are supposed to stay in the shade: 2

number of husbands home today: 0 (ISU graduation)

number of layouts completed in last 24 hours: 2

number of people I have fed lunch to: 1 (only because it was breast milk. basically no effort on my part)

number of unborn kitties in my scraproom: ? I don't know but the poor mama kitty is huge

number of checks received for scrapping this week: 1 (yay! does that make me a professional?)

number of emails received today: 2

number of people who will read this besides me: 1 or less

number of hairs on my head: ? I don't know, but God does and I am so thankful that He cares that much about little ole me

Matthew 10:30 And even the very hairs on your head are all numbered.


Thena said...

Love it!!! Now you can change your numbers!

kellicrowe said...

counting off 2!
So if the other people are not wearing pj's - are they wearing clothes? If so - you probably have us beat. We usually have a few in underwear...hopefully in the shade so that the neighbors can't see them.

Chris said...

Gotta love those PJs ~ love your stats commentary

Bev said...

you are a very entertaining writer. I loved reading your blog! BTW - your stats are getting really *off*.

doris said...

what a delightful entry! and one of your stats was way wrong! i actually got out of my pjs before noon. that was a rare occurance for me. :D