Monday, June 20, 2005

always there.

Driving through southern Illinois. The hills and trees are beautiful and I wonder why I am surprised to see it. We drive to Texas a lot. {Maybe we should move there.} Doug says that we usually drive through this area at night and I think, “Of course.” So this beautiful area was always there, just covered by darkness.

I think of how there is a certain amount of darkness {even amidst incredible blessing and beauty} in my life these days: my weight struggle, our uncertainty with Doug’s job, the house I live in and hate, serious health issues with our parents.

Am I missing something beautiful under the cover of darkness?

You. O Lord, keep my lamp burning, my God turns my darkness into light.
Psalm 18:28


kellicrowe said...

do you just know all these verses off the top of your head?

kellicrowe said...

i always say carry Biblle verses AND a flashlight
actually - i always say don't run with scissors
but maybe i will get that as my new catch phrase