Saturday, June 25, 2005

another find. it rocks!

I did it again. I don't think Doug gets excited about my "finds" like I do. He just doesn't like the "process."

Driving down a neighborhood street yesterday, I saw a pretty and quite comfortable-looking rocking chair on the curb for you guessed it - the trash!

It's in my sun room now. And I love the way it rocks.

It's not my first curb-side rescue. I have some Radio Flyer wagons that I have gotten from the trash piles in various towns and neighborhoods. I use them for pretty little container gardens - they are absolutely charming. (One time I saw one full of weeds, dead plants, and branches out on the curb and I just happened to think of actually asking the person who lived there if I could have it instead of just hauling it off like I usually do. Good thing I asked! She used it to put her yard waste out but she didn't actually want the city garbage collection people to take the wagon! Or me. She was very nice, though, and I think she decided not to use it for trash pick-up any more.))

I also picked up some white wicker furniture for my porch. My quilts look so pretty on it. Geraniums go perfectly with white wicker.

Let's a gigantic picture frame. Haven't used it yet. I'm thinking it's one of those you put on a shelf or the mantle with no picture in it.

I have also gotten a Little Tykes workshop toolbench thing and some wonderfully huge Boston ferns that lived happily in my home for about TWO YEARS.

One person's trash certainly is another person's treasure.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come! 2 Corinthians 5:17


kellicrowe said...

This is exactly why I don't let my kids stand close to the road...people may come along and think I've left a perfectly good kid by the road for pick up. I know, dust him off, maybe a bath, throw a quilt over then and good as new. AND my kids look great next to geraniums too!
See, now I feel the need to a picture of these items. Didn't you learn how to load pics onthis blog?
Nothing like the demanding public - but ya gotta keep the peeps happy.
Give em what they want.

Jeannie said...

I always say the same thing. My DH gets freaky when I come home with my garbage haul. He is a buyer not a finder!

Ashley said...

oooh! I love *curbside shopping* :) I too have an old wicker rocker, rescued from the trash. My garden is filled with old enamel pots, rusy garden buckets, old windows, doors with wonderful crackling paint, and orchard ladders.. it is amazing what other people throw away :)

Your finds sound wonderful. I agree wtih kellicrowe -- would love to see photos!


khuddle said...

I need to do more of this. I see things, but I do not always stop to pick them up!


Mar said...

I have a husband who is out of control when it comes to collecting junk (oops I mean cool stuff). It has taken over our carport which my car has never seen the inside of. It has taken over our driveway and is now spilling over into our carport. I, on the other hand, use all the treasures I collect. I do not save it "just in case we need it one day" I love that you can see the possibities in other people's cast offs. Mar

Mar said...

This is not a specific comment about this blog. I wanted to let you
know I have been reading them, sorta. I love that you end with a
scripture. What a better way to keep our focus on what is important.
I can so identify with the homeless feeling. So often I feel like an
odd sock with no where to fit and just thown in a drawer some where.
I love that you see lessons in everyday life like kittens etc. I love
that you are so honest about your feelings. Mar

Mi'Chelle said...

inquiring minds would like to see some pics.
thank you, that is all...