Monday, June 20, 2005

the mighty mississip. a real-time blog. (that means I am blogging this as it is occurring.)

Crossing from Illinois into Missouri we go over the Mississippi River. {165 miles to Memphis.} I hate hate hate bridges. My feet sweat and I expect the whole thing to collapse, dumping my family and me into the muddy, warm, snake-infested river. Traffic has actually – no kidding here, it wouldn’t be funny anyway – STOPPED. ON THE BRIDGE THE TRAFFIC HAS STOPPED. The guy two vehicles in front of us has gotten OUT of his truck.

Mentally, I am FREAKING OUT. Feet are sweating PROFUSELY, heart pounding. On the outside I am a pillar of strength so as to not upset my kids. They have no idea how hard this is for me.

I am considering getting out of the suburban and walking to the end of the bridge. ANYTHING to get off of this bridge.

Truly, I cannot believe this is happening. Don’t these people know how bad it is to just DRIVE over this bridge? Stopping, putting our cars in PARK…completely insane.

Completely insane…that’s what I am going to be if this line doesn’t get moving off this freakin bridge.

The other side of the bridge is not stopped. So 18-wheelers drive by and make the bridge shake. Icing on the having-a-nightmare cake.

Minutes pass. Huck Finn rafted on this river, didn’t he? It continues to flow beneath me…as it has for years and years. It’s old and it laughs at me in my moment of fear.

We’re moving again. It could have been worse.

We didn’t even get wet.

I lift my eyes up to the hills-
Where does my help come from?
My help comes from the Lord,
Maker of heaven and earth. Psalm 121:1-2


kellicrowe said...

totally funny to read because it isn't me in the car
i always think we will vear off the bridge, through flimsy-can't-possibly-save-us guard rail
i always check on the doors that are unlocked..locked...the fact all three kids are buckeled into a child saftey riding mechanism....
i know, God loves mykids more than me
hard to wrap my brain around
bridges - eeww
even worse
i look for water dripping through the tiles...droplets as clues for the impending onslaught of water
oh wait - this was about YOU
how are you blogging on the road?

khuddle said...

When I went to my brothers weddin in Va. I was driving when we got to the chesapeak bay bridge/tunnel. It was raining and I thought sure I can handle this. The bridge was so bad that when we got the the turn off just before going through the tunnel I pulled off and said NO WAY. Jason had to drive the rest of the way. So Stace... Never go over the chesapeak bay bridge tunnel. It would be a 24 mile nightmare for you.

Glad you are off the bridge.

Chesty said...

Sounds like a real nerve-wrecking trip. I was going to
Learn Spanish in Costa Rica
but ended up in Myrtle Beach