Thursday, June 30, 2005

oooooooh.........Dora underwear.

Cody is officially potty training. I just got tired of him having a raw little bottom because he wouldn't tell me he was poopy. (I don't know why I couldn't smell it - that's a scary thought on its own.)

So. No more diapers.

Yesterday we went through all of his Bob the Builder underwear pretty quick. Just little dribbles before he figured out it was time to "go."

So we went to Toys R Us. All the cute underwear ends in 4T. Wiggles. Elmo. Blue's Clues. None of them in size 6. He's not into the superheroes much. He doesn't yet know who Batman is or that Teen-something guy. So we are looking looking looking....

He happens to turn around and THERE it is.

"Ooooooooooh........DORA underwear." His whole face lights up. He sees Dora, Cinderella, Barney, more Wiggles. All girl's undies. Panties.

Poor kid. He just doesn't understand that stuff yet. He just knows their friendly faces.

We bought Wiggles, Elmo, Matchbox firetruck, and Nemo all in 4T. They'll probably fit for a week. And we got the Incredibles and plain white in a size 6. Lots of boy underwear.

And a soft Dora potty seat.

Dear children, let us not love
with words or tongue
but with actions and in truth.
1 John 3:18


kellicrowe said...

Oh, I wanted to see a LO with his little Dora clad bottom. Ok - I realize that would sound creepy if you didn't know me.
Great save with the Dora potty seat! You could line dry the underwear.. so it woun't shrink. I bet a LOT of 4 t underwear could fit on a clothes line. Maybe scrap that instead. We are potty training next week....but you week is always out the distance:)

khuddle said...

Have fun. We did get Jackson trained. So, we are only using pull ups at night.

Now, I am singing the potty song

Mar said...

How fun!! Dora underwear!!!! Now the fun begins. For some reason boys are just slower than girls. They don't seem to get it as early!! Mar

Suzanne B. said...

When we were picking out bandaids yesterday, I was crossing my fingers that Claire would choose Care Bears or Dora, because they were right next to Batman and Spiderman, and she is really into those superhero guys because she adores her 4-year-old boy cousin. And she did! She picked Care Bears. But it was close, and I was sweating, because I didn't want her wearing Batman Bandaids, but I didn't want to have to think or explain why to her.

kellicrowe said...

Holy Spilled Pepto Bismal, Batman!
What happened here?
who actually really really like pink and the new wahtever it is you did to the place stuff:)

khuddle said...

Wow! I thought I had the wrong blog. Things they are a changing around here.