Tuesday, June 28, 2005

since you asked.

My friend Mar asked me if I had eaten anything from my garden yet.

We've had broccoli (although most of it went to flowers while we were in TX. It's just too hot for broccoli.), baby carrots (because I am having to weed around the carrots and the weeds are so big that they are pulling up the carrots.) that are so yummy, lettuce (another cool weather crop not liking the heat), and a yummy little zucchini.

Fresh vegetables from the garden just taste SO GOOD.

I have more zucchini coming and squash blossoms, green tomatoes waiting to be ripe, and different varieties of peppers. I never got my beans in, I might still try to plant some this week.

The gladiolas are looking happy. They will probably bloom in a week or so. I think I lost my zinnias and my cosmos and most of my sunflowers during the late freezes we had (hard to image a freeze at the moment).

Things I wish I had planted:
cantaloupe (never have luck with them, but I still wish I'd have tried again)
more flowers
cucumbers (I have the seeds, what happened?)
peanut M&M's (just because I want some)

The two-week trip we took, the lack of rain, the intense heat, the weeds, the Japanese Beetles, and the rust - all of this is "bad company" for my garden. But I am working on it, cleaning it up, weeding, and replanting.

Whatever I get from my garden is still a harvest.

Do not be mislead: "Bad company corrupts good character." 1 Corinthians 15:33


khuddle said...

That sounds so good.

When you get peanut m&m's to grown let me know. I would like to try that.

Mar said...

Nothing beats fresh produce from the garden. Aren't you just a little discouraged about losing so much stuff while you were away?? Probably not 'cause then you get to plant it again. Mar

kellicrowe said...

My sis called them EE's until she was like 12...we never told her she was looking at them sideways:)
Makes my mouth water to ead this
once you have a tomstoe fresh from the garden...all all store bought ones are ruined to you forever
thinking that finding a nice produce stand to help support is maybe the way I should go