Saturday, August 22, 2009

blogging every day, except for the last seven...

I cannot believe it has been seven days since I blogged!

This last week has been a blur...we started our homeschool co-op on Monday. We go on Mondays and Wednesdays. For some reason, that sounds like it should make life easier, not harder. And the truth is, it DOES make life easier in the long run. It's just the short-term that gets a bit chaotic there for a bit. My kids take Latin, Spanish, Biology, General Science, History, Algebra, and Writing at co-op. I teach the high school writing class (I can actually write in complete sentences, although I often avoid doing so on my blog.). Many very talented mothers (and two dads!) teach the other classes. I love the concept of sharing the load... But the first week is a really crazy one!

This is a card I made for the Fiskars website card sketch this month. I used lots of punches and that yummy October Afternoon Cherry Hill paper.

Yesterday I got to do something kind of cool and unexpected. I was sick - alone. Yep, I woke up in the middle of Thursday night feeling horrible and I had a headache, tummy ache, fever, just all that stuff. and Friday morning, my sweet family left for an overnight visit to Grandma's! The sleepover was already planned, so I didn't run them off or anything like that. It was really pretty nice to lay on the couch and read, watch a movie, drink fluids, eat popsicles - all without sharing, getting up to take care of others, mediate disputes, etc. Honestly, it was a little refreshing. And I'm feeling much better today, I think, just a little bit of that icky feeling left and I'll still be alone until sometime after supper.

I think I'll go read a little.

{If one falls down,
his friend can help him up.
But pity the man who falls
and has no one to help him up!
Ecclesiastes 4:10}

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java diva said...

I'm so happy you're feeling better! We had a virus when we got back from Lake MI last month. I was soooo grateful for my son's friend that asked "can you play?" Kept the kids out of my hair all day! Reading, puking, in and out from naps, chills, more was so nice to not have to play mommy and be sick at the same time! That's just an odd blessing for us moms, huh? :)