Saturday, August 22, 2009

menu plan monday.

[I'm sorry. I have this "thing" about having to have a photo on every post. So here's a photo of one of my favorite cards in the July issue of Scrapbook Trends. It's mostly October afternoon with Fiskars punches, Prism cardstock and Heidi Grace rub-ons.]

I am still working on the discipline of menu planning. The Happy Housewife has Menu Planning 101 on her blog this week and I'm working on the first assignment: come up with a list of 15 meals you can make in a month - then add five more! (I guess she didn't want to overwhelm everyone in step one because the 5 more came in step two.)

So I need to make my list, taking into consideration our interesting schedule and some personal favorites and dislikes of my people. I usually try to make things that Doug and the girls like. Cody seems to eat just about anything I make these days, although his only real favorites seem to be pizza, chicken nuggets, and scrambled eggs. Corey is getting better about eating what I put into his reticent little mouth, although he still really hates beans, eggs, and beef. I have hope for him, though.

So. Anyway.

The list:
1. Cowboy Casserole
2. Popcorn Chicken
3. Lasagna
4. Taco Soup (crock pot)
5. Chicken Enchiladas
7. Baked Potatoes on the Grill
8. Breakfast for Dinner
9. Bean Soup (crock pot)
10.The other Chicken Enchiladas
11.Chicken Tacos (crock pot)
12.Chalupa Casserole
13.PW Chicken Spaghetti
14.Chicken Pot Pie
15.PW Pot Roast
17.Chicken pockets
19.Chicken Tortellini Casserole
20.Mary's Chicken, Broccoli, & Rice Casserole
21.Homemade Pizza

Some non-monthly meals:
1. Honey Ham
2. Spaghetti & Meatballs

The crock-pot meals are necessary on Mondays. I'll probably do three crock-pot Mondays and one cheap pizza night Monday.

Wednesday nights we either eat at the church or take sandwiches to eat between co-op and church, depending on what the meal is that week.

One of my main goal for meals next month is to double or triple the freezable recipes so I can have some things in the freezer during the busy months of November and December. I did that last year (with the help of some sweet friends) and it was so great to have all those frozen meals ready to thaw and cook!

I'd really like to link my list with recipes, so we'll see how long that takes me.

The second part of the challenge is to come up with a list of side dishes, fruits and vegetables my family enjoys. I have to admit, we aren't all that into variety with our sides, but no one ever complains. Well, Corey complains, but you know what I mean.

Side dishes:
1. Spinach salad (usually just spinach and carrots)
2. Steamed broccoli
3. Mashed potatoes
4. Fried potatoes
5. Strawberries
6. Grapes
7. Macaroni and Cheese
8. Green Beans
9. Avocados
10.Steamed Squash
11.Cut-up Apples

Okay, I'm going to have to work on the side dishes. That looks just pitiful!

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