Friday, August 14, 2009

finish-it friday.

So, it's Friday, otherwise known in these parts as "finish-it Friday." I have a LOT to finish. So many projects started but not FINISHED. Where to begin?? Let's just say my first things to finish are fun and crafty and a tiny bit overdue (but only by two hours - so far, but I hate being overdue at all). Then we move on to these started-but-not-finished items:
* fold laundry
* load up all the donations in the garage for the thrift store
* purge old scrap stuff for wonderful girls who adore scrapbooking and don't care about latest-and-greatest
* clean up yard from two intensely windy, garden-wrecking, 5-minute storms this week
* organize coupons for double-up-to-$1-coupon-day at Kroger tomorrow
* move storage items to 300-degree attic
* finish writing syllabus for co-op writing class
* put away new curriculum

Okay, so I'm scaring myself because my list is longer than I thought it was. And this stuff needs to happen! And I'm still ignoring some other stuff...

The card at the top of the post is made with the new October Afternoon Report Card collection and Jenni Bowlin's chipboard bird, in case you might be wondering. Oh, and Prism kraft. Because Prism Kraft is a lot like homemade wheat's yummy with just about anything.

Oh, and speaking of Prism, it's time for another Guest Designer call! All of the details are on the Prism blog, so check there for official info. The things I know for sure about it is that the people who were guest designers from the first call were a lot of fun and got a lot of paper!

One more thing. Check back tomorrow and I will be able to share with you a wonderful thing! It's a project I've been invited to join that is going be a huge blessing to my heart and to anyone else who wants or needs to participate. You'll see. Tomorrow. (Just so you's not the project I mentioned yesterday. I do seem to have a lot of lovely things going on at the moment, don't I?)

{Consider the ravens: They do not sow or reap, they have no storeroom or barn; yet God feeds them. And how much more valuable you are than birds! Luke 12:24}


Gina said...

Can't wait to see what your new projects are! And good luck getting your list done! ;D

CSeeger said...

Oh, Stacey, that card is so cute. I can't wait to scraplift it (minus the sewing -- I can't sew and straight lines are not my talent, either). I, too am looking forward to hearing about your new project.

Michell said...

Wow!! Thanks for sharing! Your creativitiy has inspired me to share my love of stamping with all my friends.
Thank you
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